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SAS+ is an opportunity for international and local organizations and networks to receive tailored, hands-on support through a transition process from an international to local entity. The SAS+ consortium serves as a learning partner for partnerships in transition and can provide guidance and technical support to facilitate the use of practical tools and resources throughout the engagement. 

Stay Informed


  • We held our Mutual Capacity Strengthening Learning Event on May 8. See the recording here.
  • SAS+ attended the #ShiftThePower Summit in December 2023 — read our reflections.
  • As we continue to attend events, conferences, meetings, we look forward to engaging with you in those spaces and beyond.

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We’re keen to continue growing our community and would love to hear from you. Follow the SAS+ consortium organizations on social media or reach out to the point of contact at each organization below. #StoppingAsSuccess









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