Aid withdrawal and exit strategies

Organizations Involved:

Since 2012, INTRAC has been monitoring an increase in the withdrawal of aid by international NGOs from partners, projects, programs, regions and countries throughout the world.

Reasons include funding cuts by donors, decisions to reduce support to middle-income countries, responding to difficult operating environments, and shifts in strategic direction at the organizational level.

Approaches vary across organizations with multiple ways to describe the process: handing over, phasing out, transition, winding down, wrapping up, moving on, spin-offs. However organizations approach exit, it is not easy and many organizations and the individuals involved are looking for ideas on best practice.

With a lack of easily accessible information on good practice, many organizations have been struggling with how to approach exit, prepare partners and ensure sustainability of interventions. INTRAC has been addressing the gaps

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INTRAC have been monitoring the withdrawal of aid by INGOs in numerous countries since 2012. Here, they explore the reasons why. Go to resource »