CARE Morocco and CARE International


Location: Morocco
Organizations Involved:
CARE Morocco CARE France CARE International
Author: Salem Osseiran, Peace Direct

This is a case study of CARE Morocco’s transition from local association founded by CARE France in 2007 to candidate for membership of CARE International’s confederation in 2017. CARE Morocco has operated autonomously since its inception, with the impetus for applying for confederation membership coming from its Moroccan leadership. This report maps the extensive application process required to become a member of the international confederation, including a four-year transition period during which CARE Morocco received support from CARE International. Most importantly, the transition has enabled CARE Morocco to ensure the voice of it host country and the Global South more broadly features prominently in the work of the global confederation.

This report is based on a brief desk review and data collected through 13 key informant interviews with staff members based in Morocco and France, as well as civil society actors in Rabat and Casablanca.


CARE Morocco’s organizational evolution is an example of a transition from the local to the global. The transition entails a local association (which received financial support) gaining membership of an international confederation in order to increase its independence and financial autonomy, as well as to contribute to global objectives and strategy.

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