Communicating INGO Transitions

Issue Paper

January 1, 2020
Organizations Involved: CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, Peace Direct & Search for Common Ground
Author: Alex Martins, Peace Direct

This issue paper first outlines five empirical approaches to communicating INGO transitions. We identified these approaches through a review of all findings related to various aspects of communication across the 20 SAS case studies. We focus primarily on internal communication (within or between an INGO and its local or national entity), but many of these approaches can also be used to communicate externally with stakeholders, including national governments and other partners. We examine this issue both from the perspective of programmatic transitions, in which communication centers on when and how a particular program will be closed down and transitioned over to a local/national entity, and organizational transitions, whereby an INGO seeks to communicate a transfer of ownership and responsibility to a local or national entity.

The issue paper then puts forward considerations for how best to communicate INGO transitions based on lessons and promising practices identified across, the SAS case studies, as well as during regional review meetings composed of SAS consortium members and civil society representatives. The final section proposes a series of questions for further research and future consideration.

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