GLID and CARE International


Location: Burundi
Organizations Involved:
CARE International Great Lakes Inkingi Development (GLID)
Author: Tracy Dexter, Search for Common Ground

This case study examines the transition process initiated by CARE International – an international actor with a long-term presence in Burundi – whereby a local spin- off NGO, Great Lakes Inkingi Development (GLID), was created. CARE in Burundi planned a gradual transition in which it would maintain its presence, shifting its role from direct implementer to “organizational catalyst,” delivering services through an increased number of partners, innovating its approaches, and enhancing learning.

The transition process began in 2012 in response to CARE International’s gradual global transformation, the timeline of which had been accelerated due to the global financial crisis. As the transition in Burundi was going to involve a significant reduction in personnel,CARE proposed – and its staff agreed – to create an organization comprised of its trained and valued Burundian former staff. This organization would eventually “spin off” to become GLID, which would continue to implement CARE’s approach in communities, initially with CARE funding.

Unfortunately, after several of CARE’s major funding proposals to international donors were not approved, the spin-off to GLID had to be accelerated, meaning the transition took on a different dynamic for both organizations. Overall, the transition has been successful, although it has taken longer than expected for both CARE and GLID to consolidate their respective changes. Over the past eight years, however, significant progress has been made.


This case study is an example of a dual transition: an INGO, CARE, transforming its role from direct implementer to catalyst, alongside the establishment of a Burundian entity, GLID, to carry forward some its work. The transition is meant to ensure that the two organizations work in a complementary, reinforcing way.

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