Leaders and Champions in Responsible Transitions

Issue Paper

January 1, 2020
Author: Grace Boone, CDA Collaborative Learning, Isabella Jean, Independent Consultant, and Kiely Barnard-Webster, Independent Consultant

Based on cross-case analysis, the SAS team identified the topic of ‘leaders and champions’ as critical to responsible INGO aid transitions. This Issue Paper seeks to define and analyze the role of leaders and champions in responsible transitions by asking:

  • How were leaders/champions identified and supported amidst the INGO transition
  • What role did leaders or champions play in the transition?
  • How did their role influence the transition?
  • How did the local or national organization change under their leadership after the INGO transitioned?
  • How do power dynamics influence who is viewed as a leader/champion?
  • What aspects of leadership are incredibly important to a responsible transition but hard to quantify and/or teach?
  • What do INGOs need to consider when transitioning in regard to leaders and champions?

This paper will define leaders and champions, explore the different types of leaders and champions found in the cases, and analyze the role of leaders and champions in organizational transitions and after the INGO transitions. After discussing power dynamics in regard to leaders and champions in transitions, it will conclude with further considerations for INGOs.

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