M&E Thursday Talk – Financial Sustainability in Responsible INGO Transitions

Webinar Presentation

January 30, 2020
Hosts: David Yamron, Search for Common Ground, and Megan Renoir, Peace Direct

This is the M&E Thursday Talk from Thursday, January 30th, when David YamronDM&E Coordinator at Search for Common Ground, and Megan RenoirResearch Manager at Peace Direct, led a discussion on “Stopping As Success: Financial Sustainability in Responsible INGO Transitions.”


Building on the previous M&E Thursday Talk discussion on the lessons learned from the Stopping As Success (SAS) project, David and Megan took a deep dive into one of the project’s key thematic areas: the importance of financial sustainability in responsible transitions from INGOs to local organizations. Using real-world examples, they shared lessons learned and practical guidance on how INGOs, local NGOs/CSOs, and donors can set transitioning local organizations up for financial sustainability.