PADCO and Ikibiri Coalition


Location: Burundi
Author: Tracy Dexter, Search for Common Ground

This case study describes the transition of Planning and Development Collaborative International (PADCO) – an INGO – from Burundi, and the subsequent creation of the local NGO Ikibiri Coalition. PADCO’s work and exit took place within a context of post-conflict political transition, open political space, and stable aid delivery.

Prior to the transition, PADCO was implementing a three year (2004–06) USAID Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) program, following which the organization received a World Bank grant to fund an ex-combatant reintegration program through to 2008. It was not part of PADCO’s exit plan to create a local NGO at the project’s end – rather, it was the decision of Burundian staff. Despite this, PADCO’s international staff assisted with the creation and functioning of Ikibiri, contributing significantly to it becoming a sustainable organization.

The methodology for this case study consisted of a document review and 10 key informant interviews with Ikibiri staff and PADCO expatriate staff.


This case study is an example of an INGO transition that triggered the creation of a local entity. While Burundian staff drove the creation of the Ikibiri Coalition, PADCO assisted the transition by providing both moral and technical support.

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