Planning for success from start to exit: a review of literature, policy and practice

Location: Global
Peace Direct, Search for Common Ground & Independent Consultant

This review outlines current thinking on how exits and transitions impact the relationship between local and international actors. How do these relationships transition? What role does power play?

The primary goal of this collaborative learning project is to bring greater awareness to the international community of the multiple dynamics at play when ending a development programme and to provide guidelines on how to ensure locally led development. The core questions examined by this project are directly linked to USAID Local Work’s learning agenda and a growing number of learning initiatives in the wider international aid sector focused on locally led development, local ownership and localization.

The Stopping As Success project aims to look beyond the technical aspects of a transition strategy and identify examples of aid exits and handovers that demonstrate a transition in the broader relationship between local and international actors; a transition towards more locally led development.

To do this, it is necessary to reflect on the context in which such transitions occur, and to consider factors that shape the nature of the relationship between local and international actors through transition processes.

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