Talking Points and Considerations for Internal Champions of Responsible Exits and Transitions

Talking Points

February 19, 2020
Organizations Involved: CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, Peace Direct, & Search for Common Ground
Author: Isabella Jean

This document is one of the many practical resources produced by the Stopping As Success (SAS) consortium. SAS case studies documented examples of INGO staff at different levels in the organization who championed responsible transition to local entities. In some cases, these internal efforts took place before relevant policies and exit strategies were articulated by senior management at country office or headquarters. Our cases demonstrate that internal advocacy, staff commitment to principled action and support from the senior management enable the management of responsible transitions.

We developed this set of considerations and talking points for internal champions who advocate with senior leadership to review existing exit strategies or develop new ones, commence transition planning, and transform partnerships in support of timely and responsible transitions. The talking points are intended for INGO staff at country level and HQs. The talking points draw on illustrative examples from SAS case studies and input gathered during regional review workshops in Washington DC, Bangkok and Nairobi.

To read the talking points online, click here.