World Vision and TB Taskforce Federation, Inc


Location: Philippines
Organizations Involved:
TB Taskforce Federation, Inc. World Vision Philippines
Author: Christopher Millora, Independent Consultant & Farzana Ahmed, Peace Direct

This report documents the handover of World Vision’s Social Mobilization on Tuberculosis (SMT) project (2005–11) in Iloilo City, Philippines, positioning the case study within the Philippines’ broader civil society and international aid context. The report looks beyond technical aspects to consider how partnerships between international and local actors evolve during transition processes.

The report draws on a number of conversations, interviews, and focus group discussions conducted in Iloilo City and Manila over three weeks in April 2018. Two members of the Stopping As Success team spoke with 56 local and international aid actors in one-to-one interviews and focus group discussions, which were held with community volunteers in project sites around Iloilo City.

A separate learning exchange on locally led development and partnerships was held with 20 aid actors from INGOs, donor agencies, academia, youth organizations, social movements, and volunteer organizations. This provided space for participants to critically discuss aid effectiveness and share their experiences of working with international actors.


SMT is an example of a programmatic transition, whereby World Vision contributed to the creation of a Filipino umbrella entity called the Iloilo City TB Taskforce Federation, Inc. Despite facing challenges when funding came to an end, the Federation successfully lobbied for a policy shift that led to direct government support, allowing their work to continue.

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