Planning Guidance for INGOs Working with Local Partners

Facilitating Effective INGO Transitions Throughout the Project Cycle

February 21, 2020
Organizations Involved: CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, Peace Direct, & Search for Common Ground

Many INGOs see the significant gap between their desire to foster sustainable local development and the knowledge and processes for actually doing so. The Stopping As Success (SAS) literature review, online consultation, case research, and regional workshops found again and again that INGO staff working at different levels and contexts are looking for guidance on how to plan for, implement, and learn from good transitions. This resource shares SAS lessons, including specific questions asked by INGOs throughout the project cycle and illustrative examples from the 20 SAS case studies and feedback during practitioner review workshops.

SAS also recognizes that social change is complex and requires systemic and long-term approaches that are not fully captured by any project cycle. Some of these approaches are part of actions by donors or local/ national NGOs/CSOs. As such, this resource can be used along with the accompanying resources for those groups. SAS cases and issue papers provide further insight about adaptations in diverse contexts and partnerships.

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